5 Best Tech News Apps for a Tech Savvy

Do you think you know everything that is new in the world of technology? That is hard to imagine, even if you may be a tech savvy person. But, at the same time, if you are someone who is keen to know about all that is new and trending in the tech world, you can do so if you get some of the leading tech news apps today. In the present technological innovation era, a new app is launched everyday such as bitcoin trader app which helps in augmenting the process of bitcoin trade and to stay updated it is advisable to identify some of the best tech news apps out there like:

1. Appy Geek:

This app has been launched by News Republic for the tech enthusiasts of the world. This new app comes with an attractive dark user interface and superior fluid animations. The biggest advantage is that you can access this new app when you already have subscriptions in some tech websites. So, you can start using it right after installation. You are also free to tweak the settings in your account to get a customized news feed according to your personal interests. Appy Geek provides you with both precise and lengthy articles depending on what you like to read. The home section includes news articles while editorial articles about product and gadget reviews are in the digest section.

2. Beebom:

This app is most popular when it comes to tech-related updates. Not only can you get all the relevant tech updates presented in a crisp manner but also in ways so that you can finish reading these in record time. There is a handy “Read More” button for viewers who wish to know more about a story. The “Trending Today” section is the most viewed while one can read multiple news items by simply swiping screens or swiping down to reach the home section. The Beebom App v2.0 offers both news write-ups and portrait videos. The “Dark Mode” section is an attractive feature as is the power to bookmark articles.

3. Tech News Tube:

This simple app allows you to subscribe to various sites and deliver content through it. It extracts feeds perfectly, and the app not only displays article content but also audio content that is posted on sites which you may be following. The drawback of this app is that it will redirect you to the news article site every time you click on an article.

4. Feedly:

This is an RSS feed reader allowing you to subscribe to your preferred tech courses. You can choose the “Tech” option to find the most popular news relating to the tech world. If you are unable to find your preferred source in this list you can simply search and add these to the list later on. It is possible to create custom feeds; so you can actually allot different spaces for different types of articles. Feedly also boasts of a Dark Mode, social media sharing, auto-mark read features. It has a subscription model with steep rates; this is designed in such a way that you cannot access a free version.

5. Drippler:

While this is not a tech news app per se, it should be included in the list of popular tech news apps for tech-savvy individuals because it provides the latest news in the world of technology and gives you handy tips on how to optimize use of your mobile devices. It is user-friendly with a clean interface; this free app is perfect for users looking for tricks to use their devices seamlessly.

Apart from the above tech news apps, there are certain tech news apps that provide up-to-date cryptocurrency news, information, and updates. These apps provide seamless information about cryptocurrency, including analysis, features, reviews of the latest auto trading bots like bitcoin prime. This will greatly help newbie investors and traders to choose reliable platforms based on various aspects and get to start their trading securely.